Interior Design

Interior finishes and fixtures complete a project and meld together all other elements of the design.  Our goal is to discern each client’s preferences, tastes and lifestyle, and incorporate existing furniture and treasures into a cohesive design theme. The final ten percent that completes any project is the most critical as it brings all aspects of design together and allows a project to be more than the sum of the parts.

Interior Design Goals:

  • Create an environment expressive of the client’s personality or business.
  • Enhance the architectural style of the interior and exterior of the space.
  • Establish a theme and a budget.
  • Synthesize function and lifestyle for each environment.
  • Incorporate and recycle existing personal treasures into the design.
  • Layout furnishings within the space to facilitate enjoyment and workflow.
  • Select appropriate style, textures and colors for materials and furnishings.
  • Procure and coordinate the installation of furnishings and finishes.
  • Accessorize!